Top 10 autumn beers

Autumn. Unfortunately it started on august the first with a rain shower that still lasts, with some intervals, up until today. If you’re a nerdy meteorologist autumn has only just begun. Many think of that as a reason to get depressed by the lack of sunlight. But not us. Just one more excuse to go to the pub. And autumn is the best time of the year to enjoy a beer. So here’s the top 10 beers to drink this autumn.

Obviously we could just pick 10 bock beers but that would be to easy. The bock beer season hasn’t started yet and there are so many other good beers to drink in autumn. So put on your cap, put on a warm coat and take your dog for a nice stroll through the fallen leaves of the woods. And when you return you drink one of these:

10. Christoffel nobel
Christoffel’s good old swing-top bottle, now filled with their Nobel. Dry hopped. That means that after brewing, some hops are added for extra bitterness and hop taste. This makes the Nobel quite bitter but it lacks the true hop taste you do find in an IPA. And there’s more you don’t notice. Like the 8.7% alcohol.

The color does resemble that of a tripel. But it isn’t sweet and also isn’t refreshing like a tripel. But it’s still in this list because the strong scent and orange-like taste do spice this beer up. And that makes it warm enough for autumn.

9. La Chouffe IPA
Because taking a free ride on the IPA hype is a good thing
Because an IPA is always good
Because in the Ardennes it’s always autumn
Because autumn can be a bit bizarre
Because we just love gnomes on any beer label
Because after all it is a La Chouffe


8. Brugse Tripel
A good Tripel is spicy and warm. Blonde and sweet. Fresh and sour. And that’s a Brugse Tripel. If you like it, buy the glass. You will need it, major foam! It’s a little cloying which makes is ideal for autumn.


7. Rochefort 10
All right, this is the reason why the ‘Any Time is a Good Time for Rochefort 10 Front’ is throwing bricks through our windows. Yes, you may enjoy a Rochefort 10 anytime. But the fact remains that autumn is just perfect for Rochefort. The sweetness that is profound and yet balanced. That promising scent! The fruits in that wonderful aftertaste. Do we have to continue cheering? No we don’t. Not too often but just at the right time. That’s a Rochefort 10 for you.

6. Any good Imperial Stout
Lately, we’ve drank so many good Imperial Stouts, we don’t dare picking just one. But we do dare say they all fit autumn. With some chocolate, for instance. But it also works as an aperitif. Waiting for the venison and not ready for a sweet dark one? Order a Imperial Stout. And what about catching some sun on maybe this years’ last day you can enjoy being outdoors? You will regret spoiling a good moment for an Imperial Stout.

All right, if you really want to know: go out and look for Struise Brouwer’s Black Damnation. Impossible to find so if you do: buy the lot.

5. Hoegaarden Verboden Vrucht
Enough with these small breweries. We’ll have Inbev’s Verboden Vrucht anytime. Being on the market for decades, it’s a classic strong ale. So why in autumn? Well, it’s sweet, fruit-like and warm.

Sipping Verboden Vrucht will take you back to a cabin with a crackling log fire. Take another sip while you wait in your warm woolen jumper for the serving of the hare that’s been shot earlier that day. Dark, sweet, warm and spicy. It’s autumn all right.

4. Alfa Super Dortmunder
Of course we still think small breweries are best. So we open a bottle of Alfa’s Super Dormunder. Perhaps not so outspoken as it’s cousin that is brewed by Gulpener, it’s still got that typical Dort taste. A light and warm taste that is. And the 7.5% alcohol isn’t too much for one bottle more.

Alfa says that their Dort is the heaviest low-fermenting beer there is. While the rain is beating down on the window, we’re keen to believe them. Nice autumn beer!

3. La Trappe Dubbel.
This is the best Dubbel available. It’s a good beer any other time of year but it really hits the spot in autumn. It does have that sweetness but there’s an edge. There’s a good bitter in the taste. Especially in the aftertaste. And that’s something other Dubbels lack.

You drink a La Trappe Dubbel when you come home soaking wet and you still happy it’s autumn. You smell it and you taste it. La Trappe Dubbel is coming home.

2. Bokbeer
Well there it is. A bock beer after all. Ruby red, sweetish and warm. But not too warm. The single only true Dutch special. The crumb of beer culture that survived the tsunami of lagers. Take a nice glass to pour it in. It’s the ultimate autumn beer. But it’s not our number 1.

Because they ship it too early, in September. And they make them top-fermenting and we don’t allow that. And they mess up the taste by making it too sweet. Or they make it taste like a Dubbel. Or they make them too strong. Too bad for the proper ones among them but they won’t go beyond number 2.

1. Cuvée de Ciney Brune
A classic. Nice and warm. Nice and brown. Nice and ruby red. Nice and Walloon. Somewhat strong but it’s not a bomb. A lovely beer for autumn. It’s sweetish but not just sweet.

Everything you associate with drinking a Ciney Brune makes sense. The forests of the Ardennes. You wish you were there with your Ciney. Walking until it’s late in the afternoon. And then a Ciney and a cigar. Slowly the cold on your cheeks disappears and you start thinking about what’s for dinner. Thinking? In autumn that goes better while drinking one more Ciney. Glad the summer is over.



Drinkt liever geen bier dan vies bier. Het leven is te kort om bocht te drinken. Is van mening dat goed bier gedeeld moet worden met anderen. Bier is er om door iedereen van te genieten.

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