Going the distance for Dutch beer

So there we were, all ready for the beerbloggersconference in Leeds. Taken care of everything. Plane tickets, good mood, that kind of stuff. And to top it all off we were ready for the Night of International Beers. We had selected the best Dutch beers available. To show off with overthere in England. A friendly distributor was going to ship the beers to Leeds.

But then logistical problems reared its ugly head! The truck was not going to be in Leeds on time. What could we do? Say we’re sorry? Show up without beer? Not promoting Dutch beer during Dutch Beer Week?

Hell no!!!!

De bestetotnutoe redactieauto. Ook hier staat hij stil.We ditched our flight tickets. Screw the costs and we’re going there in the bestetotnutoe editorial vehicle. Which is too small for all the beer. A friendly neighbour with a trailer had the solution. We’ll be driving 900 km’s to get to Leeds and another 900 to get back home. We’ll pick the beers up ourselves at the distribution centre and the breweries. We are going to make it to the conference with the best Dutch beers there are and there’s no stopping us.

We have something to say the next person moaning we are two sour couch potatoes. Who says we are negative about Dutch beer and the whole Dutch Beer Week: do the things we do for beer and then we’ll talk.

Follow us during our road trip and at the conference on bestetotnutoe and on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll blog as much as possible.

In the trailer:

  • Jopen Jacobus
  • Gulpener Chateau Neuborg
  • Emelisse Tripel India Pale Ale
  • Emelisse Russian Imperial Stout
  • De Molen Rook & Vuur (The Mill Smoke and Fire)
  • ’t IJ IPA
  • 2 kilos extra ripe Gouda cheese. In little blocks. With a Dutch flag on top

Let’s hope customs are looking the other way.


Drinkt liever beter dan meer. Blogt met een mening. Houdt van alle soorten bier behalve kriek en geuze. Strijdt onvermoeibaar voor het universele recht op goed bier.

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