And that’s eight: Stift Engelszell is a new trappistbrewery in Austria

Some interesting news this week from the wondrous world of trappistbeer. A new trappistbrewery opened its doors in Austria. There have been many, many stories and rumours of new Trappist breweries in the past few years. From all corners of the world, even from the US. But this abbey has actually started brewing. And this abbey is a real trappistmonastry. So very interesting news indeed.

The monastery is Stift Engelszell, located near the Bavarian border. It has been a trappistmonastry since 1925. And being the real deal you can buy local honey, cheese and liqueur there. And coming this April, trappistbeer.

At the moment, it isn’t quite clear what kind of beer they’re will be selling. They’re talking about a Helles and a Dunkel. That suggests rather dull bottom-fermenting German-Austrian styled beers containing 5% alcohol. But strangely enough, the monks are also talking about trappist beers containing between 7 and 10% alcohol (which is not necessarily the case). So what will it be? Will it be Dunkels and Helles? Will they be that strong? Will they be top-fermented? Will they be bottom fermented? We just don’t know!

Answers will be coming in April. That’s when the first beers will be on sale. Stift Engelszell is going for the big bucks by shipping most of their beers to the United States. What they don’t export will be sold only at the monastery and a few assorted retailers in Austria. Hopefully they will send a little our way for us to taste

All said and done this is some real news about a new trappistbrewery. No vague stories or shifty rumours. This is a real working trappistbrewery. The decision to start brewing was taken a year ago by Stift Engelszell. The work on the brewery begun last November and now they’ve started brewing beer. It seems we’ve got an honest to God 8th trappistbrewery!




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